Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reading Aloud To Your Students?

I find that reading aloud to students is a great way to model so many qualities of a good reader.

Fluency - students can hear your voice, and your expression as you read the text
Adjusting reading rate - slowing or speeding my voice so it fits with the story
Rereading - emphasizing an important part or clarifying a part that was confusing
Monitoring Comprehension - stopping to think about how well you understand the story
Predicting & Adjusting Predictions - confirming predictions and adjusting as you read
Making connections - with previous text & with background knowledge
Drawing conclusions - have the kids see your "AHA" moments
Summarizing & Paraphrasing - what was this about/put it in your own words
Voicing confusion - letting students know that you don't understand
Questioning -

These are just some of the many strategies we use when we read aloud. Try to point out to your students what strategy you are using as you use it during a read aloud, so they remember to try it when they are reading on their own.