Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Building a Wiki

I am trying to build my wiki page so the teachers in my school can easily access reading strategy materials anywhere...I still have a ton of info to add to it, but check it out so far!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Cool!

I read a ton of blogs every night, but I rarely comment on them. Now that I am trying hook more readers onto my blog I decided I would start leaving comments on blogs. So, last week I was fascinated by Tim Shanahan's post

I left a comment
WOW quite an interesting post...I have not read up on this, but I do believe this will better our education system nationally. My main concern with this, (and all state tests) is when we test students who are not on grade level with a grade level test. I really do believe if an IEP states the child is not on grade level he/she should take the state test that is on their academic level, not on their age level.
Thank you for this information. I am interested in learning more about this movement.

And, low and behold, his next blog post answered my comments with great detail. Thank you Tim Shanahan! You are an inspiration to me.

Great Sites to Encourage Teaching With Picture Books

No doubt I believe picture books unlock meaning of abstract topics for all learners, especially reluctant readers. Tonight I found a few websites that will help me encourage other teachers to use picture books in their instruction

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Barnes and Noble

I accepted a new job last week as a Reading Specialist/Instructional Coach at the high school level. I am very excited about my job, and, of course, turned to Barnes and Noble for some new resources about content area reading, and the role of a literacy coach. I sat on the rug in BN for over 2 hours yesterday, and read/took notes on several different resources. Finally, I decided it was time to leave. I chose 2 books and made my way to the register. I happily pulled out my educator card only to hear the cashier say, "Sorry, neither of these books are approved for the educator discount."
"WHAT?!? Clearly, they are educator books, what is the problem?"
"The publishers deny the discount."
Too embarrassed to put the books back, I bought them at full price. I was not happy. So, when I came home I searched for a cheaper price online (,, ebay even) and found that the prices on them weren't even worth it. What is the point of offering an educator discount if the professional books we crave and love aren't on the approved list for the discount? Yes, I understand I can buy books for my classroom, but I don't have a classroom anymore. My job is to be a resource for other teachers in my school, and I believe I need to be current with all the newest professional books out there. Is there anything we can do to persuade the publishers to give back the discount? And, does this happen at Borders as well? And, do the authors of the books we buy know we do not receive a discount?