Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Cool!

I read a ton of blogs every night, but I rarely comment on them. Now that I am trying hook more readers onto my blog I decided I would start leaving comments on blogs. So, last week I was fascinated by Tim Shanahan's post

I left a comment
WOW quite an interesting post...I have not read up on this, but I do believe this will better our education system nationally. My main concern with this, (and all state tests) is when we test students who are not on grade level with a grade level test. I really do believe if an IEP states the child is not on grade level he/she should take the state test that is on their academic level, not on their age level.
Thank you for this information. I am interested in learning more about this movement.

And, low and behold, his next blog post answered my comments with great detail. Thank you Tim Shanahan! You are an inspiration to me.

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