Friday, March 22, 2013

The Cast is Off!

Monday I had the wonderful experience of taking my daughter to have her cast removed. I didn't even think about how casts were removed until I picked up Shannon from "school." Lynda, (her teacher) asked, "So do you know how they take casts off?" I replied, "I haven't even thought about it." I was so excited to get this pink fiberglass cast off her foot that I didn't even give a thought as to how in the world casts come off.
For those of you that don't know...It involves a huge machine. It involves a huge, loud machine. It involves a huge, loud, ultrasonic saw machine that would scare me if it came near me. Needless to say Shannon freaked out. The saw master had to stop his sawing and call out to the hallway for the reserves to come in to help hold Shannon. The most ironic part was that the saw master kept saying, "Don't worry. This won't hurt you. See it tickles." Tickles????? A you completely out of your mind? This saw was terrifying to me. Maybe it doesn't hurt, but it certainly doesn't tickle.
Well, my Shannon took it in stride. The cast came off and she immediately wanted to put her blue walking shoe back on.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Tuesday began like any other day. Kevin had court, which meant I had both drop off and pick up duty. We got the kids in the car, said our goodbyes and I headed to Lynda's house. I pulled in her driveway, quickly unbuckled Pat, and grabbed Shannon out of her seat. We walked in and I lowered Shannon down. She wouldn't go. This never happens. Shannon is not clingy. Shannon is a social butterfly. I gave her another squeeze and went to let her ago again. She clung. Then, I noticed she was pointing her toes so she wouldn't put any weight on her left foot. "Seriously, Shannon? Can't you stay healthy for 1 week?" I though as I sat down with her and pulled her shoes off her feet...
So, my double duty day turned drastically different. Here are the highlights...
-went to work for all of 20 minutes. Called the doctor at 9:00 sharp and got an appointment for 9:45.
-picked up Shannon (tenderly explained to Pat that Shannon had to go to the dr. and he couldn't come)
-went to least favorite at the practice...see previous post on his act
-went to get x-rays, which were negative
-took Shannon back to Lynda's (gently explained to Pat that I couldn't take him this time because I had to go to work)
-went back to school to teach my first graders
-tried to make an orthopedic appointment, but dr. wouldn't see her until a virus was ruled out.
-headed to the ER to rule out a virus around 7PM
-arrived home at 10:30 with a new set of x-rays and NO NEW INFORMATION.

Yes, Tuesday was a frustrating day. I was hoping to see improvement in Shannon throughout the rest of the week, but she just got worse. She couldn't climb on and off the couch by herself, and asked to be carried much more. At times, she wouldn't even try to walk. Other times, she would walk and even RUN around the house. But, when she was running she was running on her toes.  Oh, and I must mention that she even climbed out of the pack-n-play at school this week. Who does that when you have foot pain???

So, last night I took her to the orthopedic doctor. He took one look at her foot, and explained it could be a hairline fracture or a bad sprain. When this happens to toddlers they assume the worst and always cast. So, here is my 20 month old with her pretty pink cast.  She will be in a cast for 2 weeks. Then, she will be reevaluated.