Friday, March 22, 2013

The Cast is Off!

Monday I had the wonderful experience of taking my daughter to have her cast removed. I didn't even think about how casts were removed until I picked up Shannon from "school." Lynda, (her teacher) asked, "So do you know how they take casts off?" I replied, "I haven't even thought about it." I was so excited to get this pink fiberglass cast off her foot that I didn't even give a thought as to how in the world casts come off.
For those of you that don't know...It involves a huge machine. It involves a huge, loud machine. It involves a huge, loud, ultrasonic saw machine that would scare me if it came near me. Needless to say Shannon freaked out. The saw master had to stop his sawing and call out to the hallway for the reserves to come in to help hold Shannon. The most ironic part was that the saw master kept saying, "Don't worry. This won't hurt you. See it tickles." Tickles????? A you completely out of your mind? This saw was terrifying to me. Maybe it doesn't hurt, but it certainly doesn't tickle.
Well, my Shannon took it in stride. The cast came off and she immediately wanted to put her blue walking shoe back on.

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