Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I feel like a child waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas morning. The waiting is finally over for the third installment of the Hunger Games Series. I preordered the book, just like I did with the Harry Potter Series, but, much to my dismay, amazon has let me down. All day yesterday I found myself peeking at the window in search of the small brown cardboard box. I went as far as unlocking all three locks on my front door just to be sure the box wasn't hiding somewhere I couldn't see from my window. No book. So, my waiting continues. Part of me loves the feeling of anticipation, and the other part just wants to delve into the book to see what happens to my friends in Mockingjay. Even though I will not be able to devote an entire day to reading this book, I still can't wait to hold it in my hands and unlock the adventure of this book.

I love to read series of books. I become attached to the characters in the stories, and consider these fictional people my friends. I love to walk in the shoes of characters in the stories, and most of all, while waiting for new books to be published I love to predict what will happen. I have to admit, the release of this book is not at a good time with the start of the school year, and transitioning back to work, but I am sure I will find time to finish this captivating series!