Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Do I Teach?

This morning while I was tutoring a high school student I saw another former student walk by in the hallway. I waved to her and continued on with my tutoring lesson. Next thing I knew this young lady was stretching her arms out exclaiming, "Mrs. Birkhead!!!! You're Back!!!!" We embraced, and I explained to her that I come once a week to the high school to work with a student. She went on to tell me about how successful she has been in school, and that, thanks to me, she loved to read and has moved from self-contained English to inclusion English.
This little story is the reason I teach. I want to make a difference in the world, and I know I can do that by teaching students how to read, and how to positively contribute to society. I taught this young lady English in 9th grade 2 years ago. I no longer work at the high school. Yet, when she saw me this morning SHE stopped what she was doing. SHE turned around, SHE entered the library, SHE walked all the way to the back room where I was working, and SHE reached out to thank me. Thank you former 9th grade English student for reminding me why I teach, and for thanking me. But, I must admit, I am the one who learned the lesson important it is to thank the people who help you get where you want to go in life.