Thursday, July 16, 2009

Responsive Classroom

I have spent this week learning about Responsive Classroom. I love the idea of starting the day out in a morning meeting where students greet one another, share, participate in an activity, and read a message together. This gets the class off to a positive start for the day. My district bought us 10 books to help us implement RC in our own classrooms this year, AND they even had them for us to take home to read BEFORE school starts!!! I am so excited to work my way through these books, take good notes, and start integrating RC in my own room.
I think my favorite part of the training is spending time with the faculty at my school. We are all learning together (principal included) I've learned more about my colleagues in the past four days than I learned all year long...while I certainly don't want more faculty meetings, I do think it is essential to take at least a day to put school stuff aside and build community with the staff.

Happy Reading to ME! Here's a list of the books we received:

How to Talk so Kids Can Learn by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish
Yardsticks by Chip Wood
Morning Meeting Messages 180 Charts Fisher, Henry Porter
Rules in School Brady Forton Porter Wood
The Morning Meeting Book Kriete
The First Six Weeks of School Denton Kriete
Learning Through Academic Choice Denton
Parents and Teachers Working Together Davis Yang
Classroom Spaces that Work Clayton Forton
99 Activities and Greeting Correa-Connolly

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  1. Hi, Rose. This is Alice Yang of the Davis/Yang of Parents and Teachers Working Together. Thanks for your enthusiasm for these books and for RC! How great that you get to learn with your colleagues, too. These are great books. They're pretty much the most popular among RC learners. You might also want to check out The Power of Our Words: Teacher Language That Helps Children Learn ( RC learners rave about that book. Happy reading, and best wishes for next year. Btw, RC is on Facebook. Come find our page and talk to other RC enthusiasts like yourself.