Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What could it be?



What would you do if your 1 year old came up to you holding this random piece of metal?

Well, I'll tell you what I did. It was a Friday night. A Friday night before a weekend where we had nothing planned. A Friday night that was supposed to be a great start to a weekend full of catching up. And, just before Shannon's bedtime, she was walking around the kitchen while I finished the kid's dishes. She reached her little hand up to mine, and dropped this horrible, round, rusty piece of metal into my hand. Immediately I thought it was a battery, so I started looking for the other half. Then, I thought maybe it's a magnet, but again, where's the other half? I googled swallowing a battery. I googled swallowing a magnet. I called my husband in a panic and explained the situation hoping for a voice of reason. Shannon seemed fine. In fact, she seemed normal. But, I knew in my heart I had to continue to search for this missing part, and seek medical attention.
    I waited for my husband to arrive home to make the necessary phone calls. (our doctor and poison control) Both suggested a trip to the Emergency room. So, I packed the car, and my little girl and headed to Virtua Voorhees  Children's Emergency. We were quickly checked in. (which is always the case at Virtua) In fact, the staff at this hospital is so great, they even gave me a room with a door when they noticed how much Shannon enjoyed walking around! The doctors and nurses all took a look at the random piece of metal, and NO ONE knew what it was. They put in for Shannon to receive an X-ray, and we waited. Shannon took about 150 laps around the small room, and the doctors came back to confirm that she did not swallow anything!

    Well, it's been bothering me that I haven't found the other half of this piece. Until yesterday. Shannon was playing with the buzzer on the oven, and guess what was missing? An old silver button just like the piece that landed her in the ER a couple Friday nights ago.  So, I can finally close the case on the missing metal piece.

Lesson learned - don't give up looking for something that is missing (this can be taken on so many levels)

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