Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Things to Do To Make the Nebulizer More Fun

The nebulizer has become a regular part of our days and nights around here. Shannon has never been a fan of the nebulizer. In fact, last June when she had to get a treatment in the hospital the Respiration Tech stopped and claimed she was the worst neb patient ever. I've tried to brainstorm creative ways to distract her during treatments this time around. I really hope this helps other parents with children who refuse to use the nebulizer.

We do not use the mask...I just hold it up in front of her nose and mouth.

3. Watch a movie, or youtube clip on a computer, tablet, or phone. It is impossible to hear the regular tv over the noise of the nebulizer, but if the device is in close proximity to the child it tends to hold their attention better. Allow your child to hold a favorite toy or blanket.

2. Sing songs together. This works well for an active child because you can bounce them up and down and swing their head from side to side. Again, hold hands which keeps the hands away from neb.

1. Gather 5-6 books to read during treatment. Read and point to different pictures. Reading is good because if the child sits in your lap you can read right into his/her ear. Then, you can hold their hands (this keeps hands away from neb!) and point to the pictures.

Another idea...
Neb in the high chair. The child has nowhere to go. I'll admit I haven't tried it this time, but last year this was the best way for me to do it.

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  1. Although I'm way past needing this, I'm not surprised at the ideas from my "ever creative" daughter. Shannon is lucky to have a mom like you, Rose!