Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Hour

There is nothing better than a great happy hour after a long week of work. During my first years of teaching, I would frequent happy hour with my colleagues up in Doylestown. Happy hour started and would run right into a regular Friday night out. I cherished the time spent with my teacher friends talking about school, then our business friends would join us and slowly our conversations would shift from school life to personal life. I still keep in contact with many of my first group of professional friends.
Since having kids, I have not made it to many happy hours. Actually, I have made it to one. After a long week of work I really want nothing more than to pick up my children and take them somewhere fun. After all, they have also survived a long week away from their mom! I'll let you in on a secret...the hot spots like My Little Adventure and Jellybean Jungle that are mobbed in the early morning and afternoons are less busy during dinner hour on a Friday night. I have tested my theory several times this year, and now I am ready to share...these places are a perfect Friday night happy hour spot for a mom and her little ones!
Tonight we went to Jellybean Jungle. We had dinner in the car, or as my mom always called it, a picnic in the car, and arrived at JBJ around 5:15. The place was practically all ours! If you have never been to Jellybean Jungle, I highly recommend it. There is a room with 2 ball pits, very safe climbing and tunnels, child friendly boats, dress-up, train tables, slides, a 5 horse merry-go-round, a play house, store, and even a castle. Both of my children have fun running around this place, and the staff is always friendly and willing to help. Last time we went, we had dinner at Jellybean Jungle (they give you the option to order from a local pizza place or buy their own snacks, which are pretty healthy.) To me this place is a goldmine, and a perfect way to unwind after a hard week of work. So, I now have a new kind of happy hour - one that I spend with my kids...reconnecting, playing, laughing, and starting our weekend off on the right foot. Cheers!

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