Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parallel Lives

In 10th grade I decided to switch high schools. Initially, I was a bit nervous to make the move, but the moment I walked into Upper Dublin I knew it was the right move for me. The music, athletic, and academic programs were top-notch. But, most of all, the people I met at Upper Dublin were welcoming, kind, and caring individuals. There was one girl I knew that even back in high school when you are easily influenced, was not afraid to be herself. I remember on one of my first days as a new student she welcomed me and asked if I needed any help. Really she always went out of her way to chat with me. I would say in high school we were acquaintances.
After high school I lost touch with her. But, she reappeared at my cousin's wedding. One of her best friends was marrying my cousin. Weird. But, it was nice to reconnect and check in on how life was going for her.
The next year, she began teaching Special Ed in Central Bucks School District. I remember looking around the auditorium and spotting her blond curly hair in the crowd,, and thought I was dreaming. Of course, she was a great addition to this district.
Then she became the 7th grade girls basketball coach at another middle school in the district. We coached against each other several times, and I think it was an even split. But, at the end of the games we hugged and went on our ways.
Once I got married we decided to make our way over the state lines to New Jersey. I got a job here, and began teaching. Somehow we connected again only to find out She lived in NJ. We lived in different towns and never saw each other, but still, it was weird we both left CB at the same time and went to the same place.
It was literally my first day back in my own house with 2 kids that I received a facebook message from this girl indicating she had moved to Haddon Township. I wrote back asking where, and guess what? She was 2 blocks away from my house! She walked over a little while later, and we caught up on life again. This time she was pregnant with her first, and she met my two little ones. Last year I became good friends with this kind-hearted woman. She made me several dinners when she was out on maternity leave last year and I was working. These dinners would show up on my doorstep at just the right moment. She never judged my messy house, and brought her daughter over several times for playdates. She introduced to me hot yoga at 5:30 in the morning, which has become a staple in my life, and she introduced me to 31 products. Sadly for me, she moved back to PA in August. Now it is my turn to follow her as we look forward to moving back to PA sometime in the near future.
Lesson learned - You never know how a person can impact your life. Be kind to everyone you meet!

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  1. The irony of your friend constantly re-entering your life is amazing. True friends are like angels...they seem to fly in and out of our lives as needed. Great job on this entire blog, Rose. I'm a fan!!