Thursday, February 20, 2014

49 degrees

This morning I nearly killed myself walking down my icy driveway for Fergus's morning stroll. The tall snow mountains that surround my driveway are melting down to hill size mounds, which leaves my driveway like a skating rink, and I am not ready to become a figure skater at 6 A.M. (Or anytime for that matter)
Even though this morning was frigid, I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I left work and felt I didn't have to bundle up! The temperature in my car read 49 degrees...MAGIC! I quickly picked up the kids, and headed home fully expecting to see puddles in my driveway. Unfortunately the driveway was not melted, but at least we were able to play outside without our snow gear! I whipped out my trusty ice pick (metal rake) and began crushing the stubborn ice. Patrick grabbed a small red shovel to help, and gave Shannon a mini yellow beach shovel. We spent almost an hour outside having fun chopping the ice and scooping it away. And, it wasn't even dark yet...I think I might smell Spring!

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